Talking about walking

And so our Compassberg Autumn Camino starts. Some nervousness evident everywhere especially at the mention of wild animals that may come and do a bit of human spotting. Not everybody had a good night’s sleep as the daunting reality of walking 120 km through the vastness of the Karoo dawns on one.

Which brings me to this particular group of pilgrims. Some have come from far and there are a few locals doing it. Belinda says, with a twinkle in her eye, that this group may possibly win the prize for the least prepared group ever! Some were sick before they came and most did not get time to “practice” walking.

Most came on this Camino to get away from the busy hustle and bustle of their hectic lives, not worrying about anything but the sound of their steps on the open road and earning some rest. Others came to clear their heads and get clarity on their lives looking for new beginnings. Some came just to #walkwithGod and others just to walk the walk. It is to be seen how forgiving the road is going to be on any of our expectations, but we are all expecting miracles of mind, body and soul.

Which brings me to Belinda. The pilgrims could not have wished for a better guide on their pilgrim walk. Her gentle healing voice keeps reminding everyone that it is going to be tough, you are going to be stretched, there might (will) even be pain, but…you will get through it and get stronger as you go along and by day 4 you will want to carry on walking further! She has this gift of finishing off “tough instructions” with a broad empathetic smile, making you wonder if it really is as tough as she says. You kind of hang onto the smile part and her utmost assurance that everyone can do this even if you are not walking fit. She also assure everybody that there is no judgement. You listen to your body. You can do this!

Why am I here? Well, I am the support person, the transporter, water carrier, foot pamperer. And like the others, I needed to get away from my frenetic life and take time out to pray, to listen to God’s voice, instead of telling Him how I think things should go, for a change. I am here to just sit and record the silent story.