Camino Walking Retreat dates for 2022

If this year was difficult to get away, we are hoping that a #MyGodWalks walking retreat will be on your agenda for 2022!! We will be flowing with the retreats as follow:

  • April-Holy Hogsback (starts 3rd April 2022)
  • May-Camino Compassberg (starts 1st May 2022)
  • September-Camino Compassberg (starts 10th May 2022)
  • October-Holy Hogsback (starts 2nd October 2022)

Customised Groups can book at other times…

7 thoughts on “Camino Walking Retreat dates for 2022”

  1. Hello, what is your dates in April 2022 for the Holy Hogsback walk?
    Thank you
    Charlene Crous

  2. Hi
    Please forward if possible fixed dates for above walking months and the cost per person

    Sleep over, distance etc

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