Who should come?

Anybody can do the walk. No matter what your fitness level is, you will be able to make it.

We do encourage you to have at least some level of walking fitness before you come, as we will be walking up to 20 kms in a day. The walk is designed to take up most of the day, so that you can walk at your own pace. As you do not have to carry your luggage ( it will be transported to the overnight guesthouse), you will not have a heavy load to carry and should be able to manage. It will probably just be more enjoyable if you have some level of walking fitness

Who will benefit most in doing the walk?

  • Nature and animal  lovers will love the scenic panoramas, where you may not see another human, apart from your fellow pilgrims for most of the walk.
  • People who need time out from their busy overburdened existence.
  • Small groups who need to spend time with each other, praying and working through issues.
  • Anybody who is struggling and needs healing of the soul.

Do I need to be a christian in order to do this Camino?

  • No, you certainly do not need to be a Christ follower. Everybody is welcome. We meet you where you are at. God walks with everybody.

Can I come on this Camino retreat on my own?

  • Yes you can. You will mingle (and if you want to) and share with the other pilgrims, but this walking retreat is most of all a personal experience.
  • A strong bond of mutual respect and belonging usually develop among the pilgrims, but you will find that there will be no pressure and you can just be authentically yourself.

Can I put my own group of pilgrims together to do the Camino?

Yes you can. Belinda can be asked to schedule a personalised Camino experience for groups of no less than 4 people.