Annual retreats 2021

There will be 7 scheduled pilgrim walking retreats in 2021 from March to October. There are 3 remarkable pathways to choose from, the Camino CompassbergErasmuskloof and the Holy Hogsback walking retreat.

Save the dates and book well in advance as there is limited space. It will be worth your while to book a year in advance as early bird booking rates will be available! You can also book personalised retreats if you have 6-8 people who want to do that. For more information and to do a booking enquiry, click here

Dates for 2022

Retreat Dates for 2021

  • March (14th (arrive) to 19 March 2021 (depart))- Holy Hogsback
  • April (10th(arrive)- 17th (depart))- Camino Compassberg FULLY BOOKED
  • May (8th (arrive) – 15th (depart)) – Erasmuskloof FULLY BOOKED
  • June (6th (arrive) -13th (depart))- Happy Valley kisses Hogsback
  • July (24th (arrive) – 31st(depart)) – Camino Compassberg
  • August -Open for group bookings
  • September (4th (arrive) -11th (depart) – Camino Compassberg
  • October (17th (arrive) – 22nd (depart)) – Holy Hogsback

All retreats includes:

  • Transfers of luggage between guesthouses, so that you do not have to carry your luggage.
  • Dinner, Bed and Breakfasts, packed lunches
  • Game drives and transfers to and from guesthouses.
  • A tour of the sacred places in Nieu Bethesda and Hogsback.
  • And much more (surprises)……

Camino Compassberg (April, July and September)

Erasmuskloof (May) (Full)

Holy Hogsback (March and October)

  • Duration 7 nights
  • Cost R 9 500 (all inclusive)
  • Accommodation at the Edge Mountain retreat

Happy Valley kisses Hogsback (June)

  • Duration 7 nights
  • Cost R 9 800 (all inclusive)
  • Accommodation at Lowestoffe Farm Estate
  • For itinerary and more information, send a booking enquiry.

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